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MSpy has the specialty of monitoring instant messaging


What is MSpy?

It is a monitoring application, where you can spy cell phones and computers. As soon as you have the application downloaded to your mobile device, you can have access to all types of data contained in the mobile you wish to monitor.

The data that you can see is the record of calls and SMS, access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype and GPS tracking, this data you can monitor and configure by means of mspyonline (web control panel)

Main features of MSpy

Incognito: The program is not shown in the menu or in the processes. Neither can it be manually uninstalled

Instant messaging: You can observe conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, among other instant messaging applications

Photos and videos: You can view the multimedia gallery of the device to watch.

Locks: This application will allow you to block those programs that you do not want to be used, numbers and contacts that you do not want to call, and web pages that you do not want them to enter.

SMS and Mails: You can see the messages sent and received both by SMS and by email.

GPS tracking tracking: Allows you to know the exact location of the cell phone at all times.

Calls: You can access the call history, in each registered call you specify: date, time, duration of the call whether incoming or outgoing.

Benefits of MSpy

✓ Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

✓ Guided installation and professional support 24 hours a day

✓ GPS tracking and tracking

✓ Call log and SMS

✓ More than 23 monitoring tools.

Advantages of the MSpy service

MSpy offers you the possibility of controlling several devices at the same time from the same control panel. In addition, technical support will be available to you 24 hours a day.


Monitor instant messaging programs with MSpy

The most important feature in the MSpy application is the ability to remotely track and control all activities that occur in instant messaging programs and social networks.

You, when you buy the MSpy program, also buy the license: you will get high-tech spyware. There are various spy applications, but Spy Mobile offers you control over almost all instant messaging programs like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, iMessage (available for iPhone)

MSpy function in instant messaging

Skype: You can access all the calls made from Skype, both sent and received and their duration, you can also read all the chats that the user of the device to watch had. This function is available only for the iOS system (iPhone and iPad).

Facebook: You can have access to the chat history made with other Facebook users. This feature is available for Android devices. All Facebook chat history information will be sent to your online MSpy account.

IMessage: You can access all the conversations that are exchanged from the user of the device to monitor another by iMessage. This function is available only for the iOS system since iMessage is the official Apple messenger.

WhatsApp: It is one of the most downloaded instant messaging applications in the world. You with MSpy will be able to follow up and read all the conversations that the user that you monitor has with other people. Spy WhatsApp with this spyware is available only for iOS.

Viber: You will get access to all the history of calls made from Viber, plus a follow-up of all conversations. This application is available only for Android system.